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I've never blogged before but wanted to create an escape for myself and others where I could freely share my passion. And that passion is music.

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The Sherlocks ‘Live For The Moment’ Review

Favourite songs: Will You Be There, Live for the Moment, Chasing Shadows, Turn the Clock, Last Night, Motions Least favourite songs: Blue, Nobody Knows In 2014 The Sherlocks released their first single Live for the Moment and probably never imagined that three years on they'd be releasing a hit debut album and playing festivals. Listen... Continue Reading →

New Music Friday – Tom Walker

So I want to start, again, by apologising for the fact I didn't post on Wednesday. Once again I'm unwell and unable to post, so sorry if this post is a bit hard to make sense of! But anyway, I have still managed to hunt down an absolutely amazing artist with a tonne of talent; Tom... Continue Reading →

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