An Introduction…


I’ve never blogged before but wanted to create an escape for myself and others where I could freely share my passion. And that passion is music. My entire world revolves around music; every raindrop is a drumbeat and the wind through the trees is the percussion of an orchestra.  I want to invite like-minded people to share this passion and enjoy new artists and reviews.

I love finding new artists and will have a New Music Friday every week, but not commercial artists the unknown and upcoming artists. Wednesdays will be a pick up song for that mid-week slump we all get, and Mondays I’ll try to find a song to get the week started. As well as all this I’ll be reviewing albums and any music I can find. Check out the Music section of the menu to find external links to any and all artists and songs mentioned on the blog.

I look forward to you introducing me to new bands and artists as we get to know each other,

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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