All Time Low ‘Last Young Renegade’ review 

Favourite songs: Drugs and Candy, Ground Control (ft Tegan and Sara), Nice2KnoU, Nightmares

Least favourite songs: None really! 😁

This is All Time Low’s 7th studio album and it marks a new era and new sound for them. This is album could be regarded as a goodbye to the sound they once created and their roots. Listen here to ‘Good Times’…

A once pop-punk band have now moved on and matured with their sound, they have accepted that the music industry is changing so are changing with it. I will confess that I only discover All Time Low with the release of ‘Future Hearts’ so cannot claim to be a long term, diehard fan but all the same I know they are growing up and moving on.

The mournfull yet upbeat ‘Good Times’ is a farewell to their roots and home ‘I never wanna leave this sunset town/ but one day the time may come’ and ‘Nice2KnoU’ says thank you to their fans for support and farwell to their former selves ‘We always say that we’ll keep in touch/nobody does, but it don’t matter much’. 

Overall despite their change in sound I think this album is amazing and still retains the essential blend of All Time Low ingredients. 5/5

Let me know what you think, good or bad I want to know.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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