Monday’s Get Going Song – Bite My Tongue by The Beach 

Hello again. This week I want to share one of my favourite songs ‘Bite My Tongue’ by The Beach.

The  Beach is an artist that not all of you will be familiar with but he is amazing!! His sound is like a Hozier/James Bay blend with a little more pop oomph behind it. He has a tenderness to his voice that is perfectly controlled, although this is a pop song his voice keeps it in line with the new breed of pop.

He has an old school kind of vibe, something that makes you want to lounge on the beach in the summer sun (see what I did there?) The waves lapping the shore, the cool breeze blowing and this song playing through your headphones.

I have high hopes for his career and really believe that he could be big soon. Let me know what you think to this song.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Get Going Song – Bite My Tongue by The Beach 

  1. Carla Forward

    Visually stunning video and uplifting tune – what more could you want to start the week! Has he done anything else?


  2. guitargirl

    He has! I’ll post a link on the Music page, you can find links to any artists I mention on here under that page. Im pleased you liked it though 😊


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