‘The Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’ London Grammar Review

Favourite songs: Rooting for You, Big Picture, Hell to the Liars, Bones of Ribbon

Least favourite songs: Wild Eyed, Non Believer

This is the second album from the trip-pop trip, and it’s even more beautiful than the first. The trio have cleaned up their sound and allowed lead singer, Hanna Reid, to really showcase her punchy voice and incredible range. This album has more of a variation in styles than their 2014 debut ‘If You Wait’. Listen to ‘Rooting for You’ here…

The opening track ‘Rooting for You’ ditches drum for strings and is the perfect opening track;’ Bones of Ribbon’ tells of a strange anatomy and ‘Hell to the Liars’ starts slowly with a gentle build to a final climax and a beautiful display of their talent.

However not all the tracks are perfect ‘Wild Eyed’ moves along slow and unprogressively, with an unchanging beat.

I love London Grammar, their sound is comforting and calming and I love this album as  much as I loved their debut.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

One thought on “‘The Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’ London Grammar Review

  1. Carla Forward

    My daughter introduced me to this band and I find their sounds so soothing and her voice is beautiful. I love the way to write and introduce these bands, I look forward to what your blog will bring me next!


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