Wednesday’s Mid-week Slump Song – Old Pine by Ben Howard

To celebrate the start of the summer I have got one of the most summery and relaxing songs ‘Old Pine’ by Ben Howard.

This is more of a song to melt away any building stress and help you to enjoy the sun. The beautiful guitar takes to a beach in paradise, somewhere to relax and kick back.

The beautiful lyrics ‘hot sand on toes, cold sand on sleeping bags’ provide joyous thoughts and memories of summer days on the beach lying in the evening sunlight. This song is clever because it uses all the senses in the lyrics, the feeling of sand, the smell of sea and sun, the sight of the setting sub and the sound of love and laughter around you.

This is a surefire stress buster and I hope you feel summery and chilled after listening, enjoy and let me know.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Mid-week Slump Song – Old Pine by Ben Howard

  1. Carla Forward

    Loving the guitar in this, beautifully relaxing song just right for a summer evening and closing my eyes to and shutting out the world.


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