Wednesday’s Mid-week Slump Song – Rose Colored Boy by Paramore

So this Wednesday we all need a bit of spurring on as the end of June approaches so I think that may be just the tonic.

This song is taken from their 5th studio album, ‘After Laughter’ , a bit of change in sound. This album has recieved criticism due to the change of sound but I think it still sounds like Paramore!

This song is upbeat but has slightly down lyrics, a contrast of sounds that works perfectly. ‘Rose Colored Boy’ is saying that some people simply have a glass half empty outlook on life ‘Hey man we all can’t be like you/I wish we were all rose colored to’. The words ‘just hang with me and my weather’  are saying try looking at things from my perspective, maybe it’s different than you think.

I think this song, in spite of it’s lyrics, is an upbeat and summery song that perhaps can help us look at things from each other’s viewpoints.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

One thought on “Wednesday’s Mid-week Slump Song – Rose Colored Boy by Paramore

  1. Carla Forward

    Another great choice of song, and yes it could be called pessimistic but maybe it’s a realistic, unindulgent outlook on a life that’s not always perfect but that doesn’t mean we have to be sad. Look forward to ur next pick!!!


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