New Music Friday – Harry And The Gondolas 

Hey there, due to ill health I was unable to post on Wednesday  and today’s will be short as well (and might not make much sense) but hopefully next week I’ll be back posting three times a week! So today the band I have to introduce to you are a truly toe-tapping folk band called Harry and the Gondolas. You can listen to their single ‘No Country For Old Men’ here…

Harry and the Gondolas are a Bristol-based trio made up of, Harry Gould (lead vocals and guitar), Bubba Erikson (bass) and Sam Snell(vocals and percussion). They are some of the coolest names ever, let me know if you or someone you know had a better name but I don’t think it’s possible!

I absolutely love this song, the catchy vocal lines and guitar along with the truly toe-tapping irresistablity of this track mean you’ll have on repeat and be searching for more like it, but I hate to burst your bubble they only have two tracks! I cannot believe this, I really wish that people were more open to new genres of music to make it easier for new and fab bands like this to break through, but…

Anyway let me know if you or a friend has a name better than Bubba or Sam Snell and if you like the track. Also check out the music page to see Wednesday’s choice and all the songs I’ve featured on my blog.
Guitar Girl signing off xx

2 thoughts on “New Music Friday – Harry And The Gondolas 

  1. Carla Forward

    Excellent song – agree with you, that more music like this should be out there and given a chance. Good to have people like you who dont follow the mainstream but simply what you like and then share it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. guitargirl

    I’m really pleased you enjoyed it! They’re a great group and hopefully they’ll have more songs out soon 😊


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