Oh Wonder ‘Ultralife’ Review

Favourite Songs: Ultralife, Lifetimes, High On Humans, Bigger Than Love, Overgrown, My Friends, Waste

Least Favourite: All About You, Heartstrings

In 2014 Oh Wonder, Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, set themselves the challenge of releasing a song every month for a year, 12 months later they had a hit album and were an accidental overnight sensation! In spite of all this they refused to sign a decision I’ll be forever grateful for. 2 years later they are back with their 2nd album ‘Ultralife’, recorded in their home studio,and they’re better than ever…

The album begins with the unusual sounds of the street, traffic and sirens, reflecting the fact they had to fit their recording schedule around a bus timetable. ‘We couldn’t do vocals until 10pm’ says West speaking about the making of the album. The title track ‘Ultralife’ is about finding someone who makes your whole life ‘ultra’ and better, the track is upbeat and positive. Watch the video for ‘Ultralife’ here…

Over the course of this 12 track the tempo decreases from the upbeat opening track ‘Solo’ until the final track ‘Waste’ in which they channel their inner Bon Iver. ‘My Friends’ is the most beautiful track on the album, tender lyrics are backed up by soulful and gentle piano melodies. Of course though in order to truly put their stamp on this album and music Anthony West’s synth beats back up nearly all the tracks giving them that distinct Oh Wonder sound. 

Overall on this album Oh Wonder let the music speak for them and show their true talent, but despite this beauty and craftsmanship not all the tracks are memorable. 4.5/5

Guitar Girl signing off xx

One thought on “Oh Wonder ‘Ultralife’ Review

  1. Carla Forward

    What a brill idea to have the videos embedded into ur posts instead of the link. Much easier to follow. Love this song but not heard the album yet. Her voice reminds me a bit of Monsters and Men, whom I also love. Nice to hear Oh Wonder again and will be interested to hear the rest of the album to see if it captures me as the last one did!


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