New Music Friday – Jade Bird

I hope you all like this week’s new artist, Jade Bird. This track ‘Something American’ was something I only heard this morning but fell in love with straight-away and had to share, you can listen to it here…

You may remember my KEIR post, who I said was hard to find anything about, but Jade Bird is even harder!! There is nothing about her on the internet so all I can tell you is that her songs are amazing and she is REALLY upcoming.

This track is fabulous, it really showcases Bird’s unique voice. At times she reminds me of Lisa Hannigan and at others First Aid Kit, but amongst all that she still a style and a sound that no-one could take away from her.

Let me know if you like this track or know anything about her.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

4 thoughts on “New Music Friday – Jade Bird

  1. Carla Forward

    This song is very reminiscent of old country and western and folk styles. Will be good to watch and see if she rises the way she clearly deserves to.


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