Declan McKenna ‘What Do You Think About The Car’ Review

Favourite Songs: Humongous, Brazil, Make Me Your Queen, Paracetamol, Listen To Your Friends

Least Favourite Songs:

Since winning the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition aged 15 Declan McKenna has gone from strength to strength, with a Glastonbury performance this year under his belt, where next? A debut album of course!!  ‘Brazil’ was his debut single, but despite it’s jangly-indie façade it covers a serious topic of the corrupt FIFA heads, and this song made it clear he wasn’t messing around, listen to it here…

Dubbed the ‘voice of a generation’ McKenna’s album is packed full of emotionally charged songs about issues affecting the world, but also issues that touch him and make him feel something. ‘Paracetamol’ , a song that makes me cry every time I hear it, touches on the treatment of transgender people by those in higher power and ‘Isombard’ talks about the long running issue of police brutality. ‘Make Me Your Queen’ is a song about the aches of undying love showing McKenna’s ability to connect with emotions at the tender age 18.

Overall, this album shows McKenna’s true musical talents packed with tracks guaranteed to make you feel something, good or bad. 5/5

Let me know what you think to the album if you’ve heard it, if not please listen to it!

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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