Monday’s Get Going Song – Swings & Waterslides by Viola Beach

Hiya, so today’s song is a really good track but also comes with a sad story but that shouldn’t detract from the brilliance of their music.

So this is a track by Viola Beach who’s story I’m sure most of you are familiar with but if you aren’t here it is.. In 2015 four boys got together and became Viola Beach. The band were supported by BBC Introducing,  a scheme supporting new artists, and slowly began to build a career. However, tragically in February 2016 the band and their manager were in Sweden, when they died in car accident. Talented musicians taken before their time.

This track featured on their album, released in their memory, and this video is taken from their 2015 Maida Vale session. I love this tune, and in spite of knowing their tragic story I never feel sad when listening to their music, I feel uplifted and happy which I hope is what they wanted to achieve. The catchy summery riff and the amazing vocals of the lead are the perfect track for a summer holiday.

I hope you like this track and feel uplifted not down and sad, let me now.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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