New Music Friday – Tom Walker

So I want to start, again, by apologising for the fact I didn’t post on Wednesday. Once again I’m unwell and unable to post, so sorry if this post is a bit hard to make sense of! But anyway, I have still managed to hunt down an absolutely amazing artist with a tonne of talent; Tom Walker.

Tom Walker is a Scottish singer-songwriter whose debut single ‘Just You & I’ racked up over 12 million streams! In March 2017 he was chosen as Elvis Duran’s Artist of The Month which led to the opportunity to perform on The Today Show.

Earlier this year BBC Radio 1 announced an initiative called the Brit List; the aim of this list is to help artists have the best chance of maintained success, think of it as a next step from BBC Introducing. So far the list includes acts such as Declan McKenna, Stormzy, Anne-Marie and most recently Tom Walker himself. This is a big step for Radio 1 because it means they’re diversifying they’re playlist and encouraging the different and new, but also a big step for Tom Walker because he’s now gaining recognition.

Rather than propelling them from nought to twenty, as BBC Introducing or the Sound Of poll do, Brit List is about accelerating emerging artists from twenty to one hundred.

– BBC Radio 1’s Chris Price

I love this track, I suppose it’s a song about life and escaping your discontent with a situation. The video fits perfectly and before you go making the same mistake I did, no he is not the man with long hair he’s the busker that gives him money.

Hope you like this track, please let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations I should listen let me know and I’ll check them out.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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