Wednesday’s Mid-Week Slump Song – Amerika by Young The Giant

Hello and sunny greetings this Wednesday! So, again, sorry for the lack of Monday post but, again, I was ill so… But I hope this song will help now (even if it is midway through the week!).

Young The Giant are one of those bands that I found by coincidence but am so pleased I did! Formed in California in 2004, their first three singles reached the Top 5 of the US Alternative Music chart.  Their debut album Young the Giant was hailed Amazon’s third best rock album 2010, their second album was released under their new label Fuelled by Ramen and was called a ‘sharp, eclectic album’. This track was the first release from their 2016 album Home of the Strange.

I love this song and I can pretty much guarantee that any time I feel down or sad this song will perk me up. This track is inspired by the posthumous publishing of Franz Kafka’s book of the same name Amerika. During a press release the band stated that ,

We find ourselves searching for our own ethics in between the often-contradictory beliefs of this polarized American Modern Age and those of the romanticized cultures of our forefathers.

– Young the Giant

I hope you enjoy this track, let me know.

Guitar Girl signing off xx


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