Monday’s Get-Going Song – Winter Trees by The Staves

Hello! I’m back and posting again this week!! So last week due to illness and personal reasons I could only post on Wednesday (which is usually the day I don’t post). I hope you like this track, it comes from one of my favourite bands The Staves and I think the video is so cute and unusual.

The Staves are Hertfordshire born trio of sisters, the Stavely-Taylors. In 2012 they released their debut album Dead, Born & Grown after gaining attention from across the globe, following this release they perfomed their track Facing West on Later… With Jools Holland (there are a lot of capital letters in that programme title!). They have performed and supported many stars such as Tom Jones, The Civil Wars, Bear’s Den, Ben Howard and Bon Iver, not bad for a folk rock trio who were taught guitar by their dad and wanted a comedy sketch show? Oh yeah and I almost forgot about their new track with Lucy Rose Floral Dresses, and if you’re familiar with Lucy Rose or this blog you’ll know this is a mindblowing combination!

This song is amazing! That’s all I have to say about it, it’s simple but complex and sad but happy (contradictory, right?); let me explain what I mean, the music is simple but the layering and changes of melody makes it complex and as for the emotions although it sounds sad and is full of minor keys it somehow makes you happy!  I also love this video, if you can get over the weird hybrid animals e.g. the pig-squirrel, it’s cute and clever!

Let me know if like this track and if you’ve heard Floral Dresses, also does anyone know what the owl is crossed with? Please I NEED answers!!!

Guitar Girl signing off xx

One thought on “Monday’s Get-Going Song – Winter Trees by The Staves

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