Wednesday’s Mid-Week Slump Song – Waking Up Slow by Gabrielle Aplin

Hello again! So I hope you all enjoyed Monday’s track, and here’s another pick for everyone to you all keep going until Friday! Click below to listen…

This track is Gabrielle Aplin’s new release and her bold venture into pop. Gabrielle Aplin began her career as a singer-songwriter an is probably best know for her cover of The Power of Love released in 2012 which went to Number 1 in the UK Singles Chart. Following this success she released her debut album, and my personal favourite, English Rain; this album is PACKED full of folk-sy songs that pack a punch while also remaining tender and sweet. I personally love this album because it’s just so beautiful and honest, there are punchy songs and laid back acoustic songs all rolled into one perfect album!

This track is her first bold step into pop, she has tenderly stepped into this genre before with tracks such as Miss You, Sweet Nothing and Light Up The Dark. But in a recent interview she said that she stopped being afraid of pop and took the plunge.

This track is so happy and upbeat, I hope it cheers you all up and get you through until Friday when I’ll be back with a brand new artist for you all. Let me know your thoughts.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

One thought on “Wednesday’s Mid-Week Slump Song – Waking Up Slow by Gabrielle Aplin

  1. Carla Forward

    Love this song xx ps I think the owl in Monday’s video is crossed with a giraffe and a lion so I would call it a “Liowaffe”!!!


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