New Music Friday – Lewis Capaldi

So congrats on making it through to Friday and as a reward to you all I have a goose bump inducing artist who goes by the name Lewis Capaldi. This is name you may or may not know, it depends, but he made waves and records on the music scene when his debut track Bruises became the most streamed song of any new artist! To listen to Bruises click below …

So if you’ve pressed play you’ll get why this track is such a big deal now won’t you or maybe not (I cannot pass judgement on anyone’s music tastes!). This is now the fifth time I’ve heard this track and it never fails to give goose bumps and once twice has made me cry, his and the utter raw emotion that flows through his every fibre is just … wow.

In March this year I recorded a video for a tune called ‘Bruises’… Never imagined the next 5 months would turn out like they have X

– Lewis Capaldi

Anyway, in case you hadn’t already guessed I’m big fan of Lewis Capaldi and this track, so let tell you about him. Hailing from Bathgate, a small town in West Lothian, Capaldi always found beauty in life and translated that into his music. Soon whispers began in Glasgow about his upcoming talent, and he soon released this track Bruises in 10 weeks this track was streamed 10 million times! Soon he was such a big thing he sold out music venue King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, and for those  who don’t know that’s amazing previous that have played here include Biffy Clyro, Paramore, Oasis, Coldplay and Blur. His career continues to go from strength to strength having recently TRNSMT, a UK music festival.

I hope you all like this track  and if any of you were at his King Tut concert let me know what he was like.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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