The Sherlocks ‘Live For The Moment’ Review

Favourite songs: Will You Be There, Live for the Moment, Chasing Shadows, Turn the Clock, Last Night, Motions

Least favourite songs: Blue, Nobody Knows

In 2014 The Sherlocks released their first single Live for the Moment and probably never imagined that three years on they’d be releasing a hit debut album and playing festivals. Listen to their debut single here…

This 12-track debut is packed to the rafters with feel-good indie anthems, the sort that make you dance and sing. The opening track Will You be There? gives a good impression of the albums sound, and displays the vocalist’s talent and unique voice. There is a distinct riff on each track; however perhaps not distinct enough because on more than one occasion I did get a sense of deja vu, the sense I had heard this before. My favourite track is Chasing Shadows a summery track that just fills any room with it’s overwhelming indie sound, this track I think is one of the most different on the album a slight change into a more fast-paced summer indie world than any others. The beachy guitar sounds of Turn the Clock contrast the mournful vocals as Kiaran Crook croons ‘Isn’t it funny how we ended up like this?’

However not everything about this album is great, I think the album sounds to similar to a lot of other things that have been made before and the there is no contrast within the album itself. I think The Sherlocks found a sound and got comfortable, it worked and they didn’t challenge themselves. Nobody Knows a 6:10 track is just to long, the last minute (at least) is unnecessary, and Blue just has to many different styles going on at once.

Don’t get me wrong this is a really good debut, but it has flaws and after 6 songs they all started to sound the same. 3/5

Let me know your thoughts on their debut, do you agree or are you a fan? Also does anyone understand the video for this song?!?!

Guitar Girl signing off xx

4 thoughts on “The Sherlocks ‘Live For The Moment’ Review

  1. Carla Forward

    Don’t know this band but reminds bit of the Killers. Like the song and perhaps they are not very original but the video certainly is! Think they are all worshipping some sea cult demon??? 😀


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