Wednesday’s Mid-Week Slump Song – The Man by The Killers

The Killers are back!!!! After 5 years away they are back with a brand new album out on the 22nd of September. Click below to listen to the new track… 

Formed in Nevada 16 years ago The Killers are a rock band comprising of Brandon Flowers (vocals), Dave Keuning (guitar), Mark Stroemer (bass) and Ronnie Vannuci (drums). In 2004 they released their debut album Hot Fuss which is estimated to have sold over 7 million copies worldwide (I wonder how many the exact figure is, 7 million and 1?). I love this album, the songs are amazing, upbeat and rocky. Over time the band have just gotten better, their 2012 album debuted at Number 1 in the UK Official Album Chart.

This year they came back! On June 25th The Killers played a secret set at Glastonbury and it was amazing! The John Peel tent was packed and the crowd were chanting while I was sitting at home thinking ‘What do they know that I don’t?’ then on walked Mr Flowers himself and so it began…

This track, The Man, is their comeback single and my god is it good! I wasn’t sure about it to start withthere was a bit much going on, but now I love it and can’t get enough. The video is so fun as well, ‘the man’ gets all the girls and is successful but then turns out to be a fraud.

I hope you like my pick today and it makes you feel like ‘the man’ (maybe not to the point you become a successful fraud but..). Let me know you thoughts, are there any fans of The Killers out there loving or hating this song? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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