New Music Friday – Billie Marten

Hello!!!!! Welcome to another New Music Friday, I hope you all had a good week and enjoyed the other tracks I have posted about. Today’s new artist is so unique and beautiful, some of you may be familiar with this track from the Shadowhunters TV series but even so it’s beautiful… Click below to listen to Bird by Billie Marten…

Isabella Sophie Tweddle, performing as Billie Marten, is only 18 and already has a massive following and a debut album Writing of Blues and Yellows. Aged 9 Billie Marten had her own YouTube channel on which she posted covers of songs (mainly for the benefit of family in France). 3 years later, aged 12, she was invited to perform music sessions for YouTube live channel Ont’ Sofa. She performed tracks such as Too Close by Alex Clare, You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oates but her biggest hit by far was her cover of Middle of the Bed by Lucy Rose, her cover of Lucy Rose racked up thousands of views; a reaction no-one expected. In 2014 when she was 15 she released her first single Ribbon and August of the same year played the Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds Festival (can anybody imagine beginning a music career aged 15?). In 2016 she released her debut album, one of my favourite albums, as well as singles off of the album.

Now here’s an interesting fact for you, Marten has an obsession with alpacas! I know right, but we all have our things and her’s is buying an alpaca as a pet. I just couldn’t have it spitting on me and surely they’d need a LOT of grooming!

I fell in love with this track in particular, her voice is showcased perfectly and it’s so tender and gentle. The lyrics are beautiful and emotional ‘She’s underwater again/Somebody’s daughter, a friend’ a track about hurting someone who’s loved by someone around them. Marten said the song is about “how words can truly affect people, not always for the right reasons”; I think she’s right, now people hide behind screens as well and hurt people and break them down forgetting that they are something to someone, a mother, a father or a brother or sister.

I hope you like this track let me know, and I do apologise if I ranted at the end that’s just my opinions on the meaning but let me know if you feel differently. Also does anyone own an alpaca, if so do they need grooming? Please put any thoughts in the comments box below.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

One thought on “New Music Friday – Billie Marten

  1. Carla Forward

    I love the style of her writing and the lack of cliches in the lyrics. Thought provoking. Reminds me of someone else….. So simple and honest. Can’t help you with alpacas as would never get close enough to see if they want to be groomed! 😨 cool new layout BTW xxx


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