Monday’s Get-Going Song – Glory by Bastille

This weekend, as any UK readers will know, has been Reading & Leeds Music Festival and on the 26th Bastille put on an amazing performance than would have converted anyone to fandom! This performance made me remember how much I really loved their music and it was when they played Glory it truly reminded me of how good they are! Listen to Glory below…

Most of you will probably be familiar with Bastille’s overnight sensation Pompeii, still the ultimate crowd pleaser at a festival, but I’m a little bit fed-up with that song after 4 years (there I said it, and I know you’re all thinking it really!!). It’s not an issue with then song but the overplay, so when they released Wild World last year I cannot tell you how happy I was beacuse A: New Bastille album!!! and B: New songs to play on the radio (insert sigh of relief).

Interesting fact time!!!! If you’re anything like me you may have noticed the connection between their name and Bastille Day, this is because Bastille Day is the same day as lead vocalist, Dan Smith’s, birthday!

So I love this song but I love the video more, so creative! And I think the concept of the video is the fact that no-one thinks of things as being the same.

So let me know your thoughts about today’s pick and I’m sorry it’s short and for the weird text colour changes.

Guitar Girl signing off xx




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