Monday’s Get-Going Song – Lion’s Heart by Eliza and the Bear

Eliza and the Bear are one the best folk-pop bands in existence and their music is a guaranteed pick-me up whenever you need it, hence why they’re my choice for today’s track. Lion’s Heart is such a good track to show why I love them so much and you can listen below… (by the way if you don’t like mazes you may want to avoid this video as it’s quite, how to put it, maze-heavy!)

Eliza and the Bear are one of favourite bands, but sadly there is no Eliza nor is there a bear as their name promises! I can tell you though that their name is taken from a collection of poems called Eliza and the Bear written by Eleanor Rees, the name caught their eye so they emailed Eleanor to see if they could use the name and obligingly she said yes! The band are a close knit group of friends from London made up of James Kellegher (lead vocals, guitar), Callie Noakes (vocals, keyboards), Martin Dukelow (vocals, guitar), Chris Brand (bass), Paul Kevin Jackson (drums).  Though this band make amazing music and bring to each other and the general public, for lead singer James it plays a more important role; he suffers arthritis in his hands and has found music is the only things that eases it!

This song is one of my favourites by Eliza and the Bear because of it’s infectious riffs and inspiring message, if you dig down deep and try hard enough you are strong and have a Lion’s Heart. I also seem to have attracted another weird video, this time in a maze! I can’t help but wonder what is with the monsters that look like they’re wearing wool on their head, and also is something I do that means I’m always watching really weird videos?!?

I just wanted to apologise for the lack of posts last week, but if you check out my about page I have explained why sometimes I don’t post. Let me know your thoughts on my pick and if anyone has an explanation why I always attract the bizzare videos?

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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