New Music Friday – Catherine McGrath

Once again we all made it to the end of the week, insert round of applause and cheering (yaayy!). To celebrate I have found a really brilliant country artist who has gbot an amazing voice, to listen to her single Hell Would Have To Freeze Over click below…

Hailing from Northern Ireland Catherine McGrath has proved that not all country artists need to be from America! McGrath was taught by grandma to play The Lion Sleeps Tonight, she then went on to hone her skills by watching videos online and watching her parents, singers themselves, perform regularly. Soon she began writing songs, but this wasn’t enough so she also started performing covers of pop hits and posting them online, her most recent being a cover of Rascal Flatts What Hurts The Most. Aged 19 McGrath landed a contract with Warner Bros. and then released her EP One.

I think Catherine McGrath is possibly one of the best modern country artists out there, also she has proved that you don’t have to be from Nashville to produce pure country music! I love this track and McGrath’s unusual voice, I hope you like her to.

I hope enjoy my new artist for the week, if like this check out some of my other posts and leave any thoughts about today’s choice in the comments section below.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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