Nick Mulvey ‘Wake Up Now’ Review

Favourite Songs: Unconditional, Imogen, Remembering, Mountain To Move, Infinite Trees

Least Favourite Songs: When The Body Is Gone, Lullaby

In 2011 English singer-songwriter Nick Mulvey left Portico Quartet to pursue a solo career and I think that was one of the best he could have made! His second album Wake Up Now is a much needed voice of protest in times of turbulence, the influence of Cuban music studies are evident in the Caribbean feel of the music created largely with the guitar riffs, maracas and drums. Listen to his latest single Mountain Too Move below…

This album, whether intentional or not, is a through examination of what is wrong with humanity and the world today, Mylea is the perfect to demonstrate this it was written in conjunction with a refugee charity after Mulvey was truly struck by the true struggles of the refugees. The theme of Mylea continues into We Are Never Apart in which he opens with ‘Oh, Myela my love’ and he then continues to touch on many issues affecting the world. Remembering and Mountain To Move have a warm and African feel that envelop a room and your heart washing away any bad feelings, in contrast When The Body Is Gone is colder and more electronic in it’s rhythms and harmonies but this fits the theme of the song.

Overall, I love this album although the track Lullaby has slightly baffled me in it’s necessity it’s otherwise a beautiful and vocal album that’s necessary in these times of confusion. 4/5

Guitar Girl signing off xx

One thought on “Nick Mulvey ‘Wake Up Now’ Review

  1. Carla Forward

    I first saw this guy at glastonbury and I found his sound a bit confusing. Having listened to this album I think I could grow to like some of it but some of it is not for me xx


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