New Music Friday – Dean Lewis

Hi, so I’m really sorry for not posting on Wednesday but my CFS/ME was really bad and I was barely functioning but now I seem to be back to normal and that means finding amazing new artists! This week I remembered someone I found online a while ago and rediscovered again called Dean Lewis, some of may be familiar with his hit Waves but this is his latest single Need You Now, to listen to it click below…

In 2005 Dean Lewis was shown Oasis Manchester Live 2005 and for him this sparked a love of not only Oasis (the band not the drink!) but also music! “I remember watching Liam Gallagher walk out with this hat and red jacket and watching him with Noel, they were just the coolest guys ever,” says Lewis, “I spent the next five years watching every Oasis video – Noel Gallagher basically taught me how to write songs.” Despite his Australian roots Dean Lewis has said his musical inspirations are mainly UK based – Richard Ashcroft, The Kooks and recently Catfish and the Bottlemen. Also his debut single Waves was written whilst in London, he says he was not enjoying the experience but couldn’t understand why and the feeling of Waves flowed from that.

Early this year he followed up Waves with the single Need You Now which was successful and for some their first experience of hearing the moody pop tones of Lewis’s voice. In May he released his EP Same Kind Of Different which as well as featuring his two singles features 4 other singles that evoke emotions. Although so far Lewis has only released an EP he says he has hundreds of other songs ready to go, so I for one hope they come soon!

Let me know your thoughts, is this track good and are you a fan of Dean Lewis already?

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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