Wednesday’s Mid-Week Slump Song – Real by Years & Years

In 2010 two friends formed a band called Years & Years, never knowing that they, and Olly Alexander, would become one the most defining pop bands of 2010’s. Their album is still, three years on, one of my favourites and this track is one my favourites from it. To listen to Real, click below…

In 2010 Michael Goldworthsy (bass) and Emre Turkeman (keyboard) formed a band that then gained the crucial addition of Olly Alexander (vocals) after they heard him singing in the shower (anyone else think thats a weird place to find the lead of your band?). After finding their lead singer singing in the shower the band gained recognition after the release of their debut single Traps. The band released their second EP Real and with this came the announcement they had signed a deal with Polydor. In 2015 they won the BBC Sound Of Award, a prestigious award won previously by the likes of Adele and Sam Smith, following this win they released their debut album Communion. 

This track is one of favourites from the album, it’s very raw and real (ha ha see who I did there!?!). The video however might need some explaining; if you receive the Ace of hearts it means that someone loves you but the Ace of spades means is one sided, so the black man gets Ace of hearts because someone loves him so he leaves but the first woman leaves because her love is one sided. The couple that the story revolves around is a bit more complicated, she gets the Ace of hearts because he loves her but its one sided, hence why he gets the Ace of spades, but he dances so emotionally and passionately that he doesn’t see the Ace of hearts and manages to win himself a second chance at her love (however he does need to improve!).

With a second album in the pipeline, they don’t know which pipe yet, I say bring on more Years & Years because I’ve missed them .

Hope you like this track, let me know your thoughts and maybe you have a different view on the video concept?

Guitar Girl signing off xx

One thought on “Wednesday’s Mid-Week Slump Song – Real by Years & Years

  1. Carla Forward

    I love olly and think his style and attitude are inspiring. This band are brill but am glad you explained the video as I never understood it – like so many!!!! X


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