Monday’s Get-Going Song – Harry Styles (Live Lounge 2017)

Hiya, so I didn’t post on Friday because my anxiety was really bad and my CFS was in a really bad flair. But I’m back and having binge-watched all the Live Lounges so far this month I’ve decided that Harry Styles was one of the best and deserves some promo. To listen to his Live Lounge performance of his debut single Sign Of The Times click below…

Most of you, I expect, will probably know Harry Styles as a member of the former boyband 1 Direction, who went on a ‘hiatus’ in 2016 following the departure of member Zayn Malik. Since their ‘hiatus’ (I put hiatus in inverted commas because we all know they’ll split up!) in 2016 Harry has written with songwriters such as Ryan Tedder and Johnny McDaid of  Snow Patrol and has written for artists such as Ariana Grande and Michael Buble, all while working on his solo album!

In March 2017 Harry Styles announced his debut single Sign Of The Times and it’s accompanying album art via Instagram. The single and album art sparked many rumours that this was Harry’s way of coming out and these rumours continued until Harry dispelled the rumours saying the song was about a mother dying during childbirth  and telling her child what she wanted to teach it. On May 12th 2017 Harry Styles released his debut album Sign Of The Times which received some critical reception for his efforts to be the new Bowie.

Also while we’re talking about his Live Lounge I want to give a shoutout to Harry Styles’ band. The backing singers who enable him to create layers of harmonies, the guitarist who perfects those riffs every time and the bass and drums who create the rhythm which allows the other players to be so amazing. I also want too say that his cover of The Chain by Fleetwood Mac is one the best covers in Live Lounge history so I want to allow you all to see it…

I hope you like my choice, let me know any thoughts.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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