Wednesday’s Mid-week Slump Song – Crybaby by Paloma Faith

On Thursday September 7th, after 3 years away Paloma Faith returned with her brand new and inspirational single Crybaby. I love this track and I hope you will to, to listen to Crybaby click below…

Paloma Faith’s career began  when her debut single Stone Cold Sober charted at Number 17 in the UK Official Charts, gaining her recognition in the wider public not just the cabaret and underground scenes. She followed this success with her debut album Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful , then in 2011, following feature records on two other albums, she earned her first BRIT Award for Best British FemaleA year later she released her second album Fall to Grace, this album contained her first top 10 single Picking Up The Pieces and charted at number 2. With this second release she earned two more BRIT Awards for (again!) Best British Female and Best British Album. 2014 brought a year of success for Paloma Faith, she released a third album called A Perfect Contradiction and earned two more Top Ten singles with Only Love Can Hurt Like This and Can’t Rely On You; she also earned her fourth BRIT Award but her first for British Female Solo Artist.

But during her break things have not been all quiet of Paloma Faith as in 2015 she was a judge on Th Voice UK and then recently gave birth in December 2016 to her first child. She has also said that during that time she has been writing songs ready for the new album The Architect. 

I’m pleased that she chose this track as her return single because the message behind it is amazing! Let your emotions out and stop trying to be strong, as someone who struggles with anxiety this is an important message because bottling up doesn’t help!!! I also love the lines ‘you call it weak/but baby you’re just unique’ and ‘you don’t have to man up/that phrase kinda sucks’ I think these lines sum the song up perfectly.

Hope you like this track and maybe the message will inspire some of you to let some stuff out! Leave any thoughts in the comments section below and ill try to get back to you 🙂

Guitar Girl signing off xx

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Mid-week Slump Song – Crybaby by Paloma Faith

  1. Carla Forward

    Am soooo happy to see Paloma back and her sound has come back different but as always beautifully unique. You are also inspiring with the frank and honest way you talk about your anxiety. Xxx


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