New Music Friday – SYML

Hiya! I want to introduce you all to someone pretty unusual today, his name is SYML. I love his track Where’s My Love and have been unable to get it out of my head for the last three weeks. To listen to his track click below…

So one of the first things I noticed when I found SYML was how unusual his name was (his real name is Brian Fennell,so I get why he changed it!) and I wasn’t really sure how to pronounce it, but I have since discovered that it means ‘simple’ in Welsh so I still don’t know how to pronounce it! Brian Fennell is a Seattle based solo artist and the founding member of the group Barcelona, a piano rock trio from (you guessed it!) Seattle. Under the SYML he has had the courage to break away into a different more moody and sensory sound with tracks such as Where’s My Love which perfectly showcase his songwriting ability with gentle melodies.

Now there is a reason that I chose a live version is that the video for the studio version is a trigger warning so for that reason I’m not going to say anymore about it because I don’t know who’s reading this. If you are curious and want to either watch the video or hear the studio version it is different to this version in that the main instrument used is not piano but guitar.

I really hope you enjoy this track and I’m sorry if I’ve put you listening to the original, please do maybe theres an audio I didn’t find. Let me know what you think, and also if find an audio please send me a link so I can change the current post video.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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