Monday’s Get-Going Song Part 2- One Foot by Walk The Moon

So I’m back (I know you’ll be sick of me in a bit!) with Monday’s blogging Part 2 which comes in the form of the Walk The Moon single One Foot. So kinda ironically this song was also released on the 21st of September much the same as Maggie Rogers (weird coincidence, right?). To listen to One Foot click below…

So this is Part 2 of Monday’s posting and you can read post number one, but only if you want to. This is the new release from Walk The Moon, their first since their album in 2014!

Walk The Moon formed in Cincinnati, in 2006. Their debut album I Want! I Want! was released independently in 2010 and following the release signed with a record label. Following their signing they released Walk The Moon in 2012 which was led by single Anna Sun received airplay on multiple alternative radio stations. Their debut ranged to chart in the Top 40, and this success was followed by their single Shut Up And Dance. 

The first time I ever heard this band was when the radio played Shut Up And Dance and there was just something about! I mean 3 years later I still can’t stand to listen to it because it was slightly overplayed!!!!!!!! But three years on and they seem to have come back changed and better!!

Let me know your thoughts, good track or bad? Also anybody else got issues with the fact that they put mirrors in a desert?

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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