New Music Friday – Wildwood Kin

So finally we made it through to Friday!!! I was unable to post on Wednesday for the usual reasons of a really bad CFS flare and my anxiety is really bad at the moment plus this week has just been busy so life got in the way! But I’m back and I did do two posts on Monday so that is kind of a Wednesday post as well, and this Friday I wanted to bring you all a brilliant new band called Wildwood Kin. To listen to their track Run click below…

So on Wednesday I spent a lot of time watching various music related things and one these was a Scottish live performance platform called The Quay Sessions and whilst watching I found Wildwood Kin and also new music from Newton Faulkner but more about that next week. This band are a folk trio formed by two sisters, Beth and Emily Key along with their cousin Meghann Loney. The three had been singing since a young age and were taught to harmonise by their mothers and the invite to an open mic night gave them the opportunity to start a band!

Inspired by the music of Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan and Mumford & Sons they began to create a style similar to their influences and yet unique to themselves. In 2015 the band released an EP called Salt Of The Earth, this release led to a nomination for the Radio 2 Young Folk Award and by 2016 they were being booked for festivals such as Glastonbury and Cambridge Folk Festival. The bands success continued when they were invited to tour with the Oh Hellos and Seth Lakemanlater featuring on Lakeman’s album Ballads of the Broken Few. In late 2017 the band reread they debut album Turning Tides and I hope they continue to go from strength to strength.

I absolutely love this track, it just has something that is so simple and yet so beautiful about it that I’m in love!!! I hop you love it to, let me know. Good choice or not and what are thoughts on their sound?

Guitar Girl signing off xx


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