JP Cooper ‘Raised Under Grey Skies’ Review

Favourite Songs: Good Friend, Passport Home, She’s On My Mind, Wait, Change, Closer, Beneath The Streetlights and the Moon

Least Favourite Songs: The Only Reason, Momma’s Prayers

On the 6th of October 2017 JP Cooper dropped his debut album Raised Under grey Skies, and if can’t tell from my list of favourite songs this is definitely on of my favourite albums of the year (so far!). 

JP Cooper debuted on the single Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue and then followed this this with his solo debut September Song which is one of the more electronic singles on his album. Since this debut his popularity has rocketed, making three appearances in the Live Lounge.

This album showcases his masterful and emotional songwriting and musicality in a perfect way that gives me tingles down my spine. Kicking off the album is the title track Raised Under Grey Skies giving a perfect feel of what Cooper’s sound is all about, beautiful melodies and soulful lyrics. The album is scattered with sadder songs amongst more upbeat songs such as his current single She’s On My Mind which you can listen to below….

The surprise appearance from Stormzy on Momma’s Prayers was welcome if slightly unexpected and contrasting with the song. My only issue with this brilliant debut is that sometimes all the elements of the songs don’t gel, such as the Stormzy feature on Momma’s Prayers and the verse to chorus movement in The Only Reason. 

This beautiful and bittersweet album is definitely going to be on repeat on my iPod for weeks! I think JP Cooper has created a tender and soulful that although it feels sad at times you still want singalong and I think thats an art. 4.5/5

Do you like this album as well, let me know your thoughts! Maybe you would rate to lower or maybe higher, please leave any comments in box below.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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