Monday’s Get-Going Song – High & Lows by Emeli Sande

Hiya and welcome to another week! Another week means another three music picks to get you through and introduce you to whatever new artist I’m into this week, however to get that special reward you need to make it through to Friday and right now it’s Monday (boo!!!). Todays pick, I hope, will make you smile and dance because as the title implies it is about the highs and the lows and generally Monday is a low (it’s a written fact in rulebook a weekday feelings, which yes I have just made up!). To listen to Highs & Lows click below…

Adele Emeli Sande was born and raised in Aberdeen she was encouraged to write and perform music and this resulted writing her first song aged 11! She was supposed to be studying medicine at Glasgow University when she signed a record deal and featured on Chipmunks Top Ten single Diamond Rings. Her first solo single Heaven was realised in 2011 and charted at number 2 in the UK Official Charts. When her career began to take she had to cut the Adele from her name because, well imagine that confusion…

Later that same year she collaborated Professor Green on the number 1 hit Read All About It, following this success she released her album Our Version Events in 2012 a line taken from Read All About It Part. III.  Then she disappeared for 4 years… no-one knew why and no-one when she was making a return.

I think because life is always going to be good and bad but there will always be someone and/or something to get you through it.

Reports surfaced that following a rapid divorce from her partner, following a difference of career paths, she suffered a breakdown. However, she says that she found songwriting the best therapy and after a while felt ready for a new album and so on the 24th of November 2016 Long Live The Angels was released. I was so excited when I found out that she was ,making a comeback, I literally sat and waited all morning until they played her single on the radio!!!!!

So I also have an ulterior motive aside from the weekday feelings rulebook which is that at the moment I am feeling really low and rubbish and this song is my absolute favourite when I feel like this. I think because it says that life is always going to be good and bad but there will be someone and/or something (in my case music and family) to get you through it which I think is something everyone should remember.

I hope you like this pick and maybe this message is helpful for you as well. Also does anyone have a better name for the Weekday Feeling’s Rulebook (because I think this should be a thing, right?!?!). Also I have a fun new quiz page so if you want you can test your musical knowledge further, my first quiz is One Hit Wonders.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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