P!nk ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Review

Favourite Songs: Revenge, What About Us, But We Lost It, Barbies, Where We Go, Secrets, I Am Here

Least favourite Songs: For Now, Better Life

Can you believe it’s been 5 years since P!nk last released an album?!? That’s way to long without a P!nk song, although I suppose there was Just Like Fire last year. When she returned with her single What About Us she was back with the full and brilliant force of P!nk, the she followed this with the release of the totally different Beautiful Trauma. To listen her latest single Whatever You Want, click below…

This is one of the most diverse albums I have heard for a long time, every genre performed to absolute perfection! I think it’s also an emotional rollercoaster with P!nk singing gently on Barbies about wanting to regain her youth but also it could be seen as a song to her daughter about living in the moment and enjoying being young (particularly after her VMA speech).  Then you’re wondering about life and love, what happens when you love someone and what happens when you’re gone, in Where We Go; the placement of these two tracks alongside one another is clever because they are about two different stages in life but somehow the feelings are intertwined in someway.

Revenge is a kind of weird but very tongue in cheek collaboration with Eminem, Secrets is very honest about how no-one is who they first seem and I Am Here is a beautiful song about life and mistakes. But For Now sounds incomplete the music doesn’t work with the tempo of the lyrics and Better Life is a bit plain and simple musically.

Overall though, this album is amazing!!! I love it and I think it showcases P!nk’s musical abilities and raw, emotive singing and not many albums can take you through so many emotions and genres in under an hour!! 5/5

Let me know your thoughts, is this one P!nk’s best or not? Also does anyone think that the start of Whatever You Want sounds like Just Like Fire?

Guitar Girl signing off xx


4 thoughts on “P!nk ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Review

  1. Carla Forward

    Been waiting a long time for P!nk to come back. Think you are right, this covers many genres which a lot of people won’t like, but personally I love this album and think there is a song there for every mood. Good pick x

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  2. Haven’t heard a lot of the songs on the album, only the 3 singles which I saw on YouTube, and this makes me keen to check out the rest which you mentioned! I’ve also seen a lot of artists that you’ve covered who I haven’t heard before, so I love the idea of discovering new music through your blog 😀


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