Wednesday’s Get-Going Song – Master Pretender by First Aid Kit

Hiya!! so I’ve been away for a little while but I thought I’d make a bit of a effort to to return today, my posts at the moment may come in very scattered doses but there they are all the same 🙂  If you’re wondering why I’ve been away I did a post last week explaining it a little bit and if you still need more explanation on either my CFS or anxiety you can check out my about page or contact me! But in other matters this song has been so important to me lately;  you know when you find a song that you really relate to, this has been that song for me that last few weeks. To listen to Master Pretender click below…


You may remember me mentioning this band in my Jade Bird post I did a while ago and I’ve been meaning to do a post about them since so… First Aid Kit are a Swedish “woodsy folk-influenced” duo consisting of sisters Johanna and Klara Soedberg (by the way, since when was woodsy-folk a genre?!?). Their first single Tangerine was record at home and earned the girls a big following which grew with release of the Drunken Trees EP a year later in 2008. A year later London based Wichita Records re-released the Drunken Trees EP, heading it’s track listing with a cover of Fleet Foxes Tiger Mountain Pleasant and three original tracks performed live in a Swedish forest, because why not…

In 2010 they began work on their debut album and in early 2012 the band’s first single from the album, Lion’s Roar, was released. This was then followed up by Emmylou, which actually made Emmylou cry!!! In 2014 their second album, Stay Gold, was released accompanied by 2 No. ! spots and several top 25 spots and a tour lasting 2 years! This year they released It’s A Shame from their third album which I cannot wait for!!!!

I love this song so much and I think lately it has really resonated with me, the fact that nothing really sticks or stays the same but somehow we’re always brilliant at pretending that we’re fine and these things have worked. I love the video and think it looks a bit like the most incredible shadow puppets ever!!!

I’m pleased to be back and I hope you like this track!! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Hopefully I’ll be back on Friday, but if not I hope you like this post and I hope ill be back next week (fingers crossed!).

Guitar Girl signing off xx


3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Get-Going Song – Master Pretender by First Aid Kit

  1. Carla Forward

    Brilliant to have you back, whether that is in small doses or big doses I always love your posts and the music that you introduce me to. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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