Sam Smith ‘The Thrill Of It All’ Review

Favourite Songs: Too Good At Goodbyes, Say It First, Burning, HIM, No Peace (ft. YEBBA), Palace, Pray

Least Favourite Songs: Midnight Train

The much anticipated second album from Sam Smith was released on Friday the 3rd of November 2017, 3 years after his debut In The Lonely Hour. He kicked off his return with the overnight sensation Too Good At Goodbyesa song guaranteed to make you cry and then have you singing along! To listen to the latest single from the album, Burning, click below… 

The opening track, Too Good At Goodbyes, sets the theme for the rest of the album; an emotional rollercoaster that’ll leave you reeling and most probably in floods of tears!! I still can’t get over the talent in this one track alone, the transition between thin and thick (how much is happening in the track), slow and fast but all the while making you feel something and leaving you with goosebumps; there’s a skill and rawness in that.

Smith’s skill also shines through in the track placement on the album, almost a sad and intense followed by a more upbeat track pattern for example Too Good At Goodbyes followed up by Say It First which (fingers crossed) should help you to cheer up the intense first track. But I do have one issue with all this it’s not clear when one track is over and another is starting, I thought track 4, 5 and 6 were all one VERY long song!

HIM comes complete with the signature Sam Smith choir, changing between different beats and rhythms. No Peace (ft. YEBBA) has shown me a new artist who’s voice is perfectly suited to Sam Smith’s tone, this duo is the perfect match and makes the perfect song. Pray is by far one of my favourite songs and the perfect song to close the album with (provided you don’t have the special edition!). Midnight Train is a little bit to cliched and repetitive for the usual Sam Smith calibre, it’s still a good but compared to the rest of the album it just isn’t up there for me (but I have feeling I’ll grow to love it!)

Overall I love this album and it’s very clever. It’s spine-tingling and raw and if you need to cry might I recommend that is the album you play. 5/5

Let me know your thoughts, I really want to know if you like it or loathe it (like my dad who said “he’s still got that meh-meh-meh voice”).

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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