BBC Sound Of 2018 Number 4 Is …

Hi again! So I’m back again after yesterday’s post announcing BBC Sound Of Number 5 and today I’m going to announce that the position of Number 4 goes to Khalid!!!! To listen to his new single Saved click here…

Khalid was born in El Paso and raised in a military family spending time in New York and Germany before settling in Texas as a child. He says this unsettled childhood shaped the man he is now saying in. a recent BBC interview that he “wouldn’t be as mentally strong” if he hadn’t had that experience. His mum is also a big part in his life, she sung in the army and is now retired but he says that she sings way better than he does!

Khalid didn’t complete a song until 2015 and this song was Saved, none other than the song I’ve featured. The majority of his songs revolve around life as a teenager with songs such as Young, Dumb & Broke speaking of life as a high school student and relationships in high school that seem like they’ll be forever but never really are.  Khalid released his first single in mid 2016, Location, which reached the Billboard Hot R&B Top 10 the following January.

I love Khalid and think he is so worthy of this, I fell in love with Young Dumb & Broke with it’s honest and refreshing look at high school life but most of all his voice. His most popular UK song is Silence, Marshmello song he features on, and his vocals make the track stand out from other dance tracks.

If you want to sees the full BBC Sound Of Award 2018 Longlist you can read this previous post I wrote. Let me know your thoughts and keep tuned for the last two runners-up and the winner on Friday 🙂

Also on a side note this is my 70th post!!! Yay and let’s hope I write many more yet. I just wanted say thank you to everyone for being so supportive to me, especially during my break, and a huge thank you to all my followers for continuing to read this blog! xx

Guitar Girl signing off xx



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