BBC Sound Of 2018 Number 3 Is…

Hiya! So I know that I’m doing this post a day late but yesterday was so busy I just didn’t have time so toady i’ll be doing this post and The announcement of who was awarded the number 2 spot. So now we’ve got that out of the way number 3 in the Sound Of 2018 list is IAMDDB! To listen to her track Shade, click below…

So this post won’t be a very long one because there really isn’t much information about her anywhere I can find! But here is what I do know…

IAMDDB comes from Manchester and is one of a long list of talented Mancunian musicians. Her stage name stands for I Am Diana DeBrito, and she’s been chilled home videos for a while fusing her love of jazz with smooth R&B vocals and trap beats.

That’s it! To see the full longlist click here for my rundown of the 16 nominees. Also feel free to check out number 5 and number 4 if you don’t know who won those spots already.

I hope you’re enjoying these posts and I’m not boring you too much, let me know you’re thoughts on IAMDDB and whether she deserved to win 3rd place or not.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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