The Winner Of BBC Sound Of 2018 Is…

Hi!! So this is the last post on BBC Sound Of 2018 because this morning Sigrid was announced as the winner! Last year I fell in love with Sigrid particularly when I watched her at some of the festivals, to watch her perform her new single Strangers in the BBC Live Lounge click below…

Last year was an absolutely MASSIVE year for Sigrid after the first play of her debut single  Don’t Kill My Vibe people fell in love with her and her career exploded overnight. I have done a previous post about Sigrid which you can read by clicking here but for those of you who want either different info or can’t be bothered to click the link I’ll tell you about her again…

Sigrid is a Norwegian pop singer who signed one the biggest record deals of her life at the age of 20! Sigrid was raised in a music loving family and watched her older siblings follow their own music passion; her older sister was a classically singer training in Italy and Spain and her brother enjoyed home success with his indie band. She was taught piano by her grandmother, guitar by her brother and spent ten years as a dancer studying a range of styles.

After time in her brother’s band she turned to songwriting and her single Sun premiered on Norwegian state television, and two later followed giving her the opportunity to play some small European festivals. All of this sealed her reputation as an amazing songwriter and performer eventually leading to her record deal with Island.

The rest is history, she released Don’t Kill My Vibe in February last year and followed this up with Plot Twist and the equally popular Strangers (which you listen to above!). Today she performed an absolutely smashing Live Lounge with an energetic performance of her single Strangers as well as one of the best Ellie Goulding covers I’ve ever heard! To listen to her cover of Anything Could Happen click below…

To see the longlist you can click here, and although only five made the shortlist I have high hopes for all of them especially now some are getting more airplay on major UK radio stations.

I hope you’ve liked my posts about the BBC Sound Of 2018 and I haven’t bored you to much, let me know in the comments section. Also let me know what you think about the runners-up and the winner, do agree or not (although I can’t change the decision I want to know your thoughts!).

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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