First Aid Kit ‘Ruins’ Review

Favourite Songs: All of them!!!

Least Favourite Songs: None of them!!!

10 years ago when Klara and Johanna Soderberg record a cover of Fleet Foxes Tiger Mountain Peasant they never could have imagined they would be more famous than the band they were covering! Now on their 4th album they’re music is sounding as beautiful as ever, listen to their latest single Fireworks below…

Ruins led with three spectacular singles; It’s A Shame, Postcard, and Fireworks which led to high expectations for this album which certainly has not disappointed! The Soderberg have stayed true to their folk roots, from where they began in that Swedish forest 10 years ago! With raw ballads and jaunty, upbeat tracks all finished with the always impeccable harmonies from lead Klara and sister Johanna.

The balance between country style tracks such as Postcard, a classic country song about longing for a lost love, and gentle ballads like To Live A Life which sighs of ‘unreachable dreams’ is an element of this album carried out impeccably and demonstrated within the first four songs.

The jaunty and upbeat It’s A Shame runs in contrast the next track, a slow raw ballad Fireworks; and the first track Rebel Heart, a tribute in sound and style to the band that got them where they are now, is gentle dream on comparison to the honky ton beats of Postcard.

With this album First Aid Kit have gone back to their roots which some people might say means they’re playing it safe but I think this is one of the best albums they’ve made and is one ill carry with me for the rest of 2018. 5/5

Let me know your thoughts, do you agree or not? Is Ruins a good album or not?

Guitar Girl signing off xx

One thought on “First Aid Kit ‘Ruins’ Review

  1. Carla Forward

    Totally agree! I was introduced to this band recently from one of your previous posts and I haven’t stopped listening to them so I was so pleased to see their album. Their voices are raw folk. Amazing. And thank you for introducing me X

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