Fickle Friends ‘You Are Someone Else’ Review

Track Listing:

  1.  Wake Me Up                                         Favourite Songs: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13 
  2.  Glue                                                        Least Favourite Songs: 8, 9, 15
  3.  Swim
  4.  Bite
  5.  Hard To Be Myself
  6.  Lovesick
  7.  Say No More
  8.  Heartbroken
  9. In My Head
  10. Rotation
  11.  Hello Hello
  12.  Paris
  13.  Brooklyn
  14.  Midnight
  15. She
  16. Useless

Four years ago when Fickle Friends released their debut single, ‘Swim‘, online they could never have imagined that their catchy sugar-pop sound would take off in such a huge way! Fickle Friends have been on my newcomers radar for quite a while and if your not familiar with them check out this New Music Friday post from a while ago to fill you in on them! Listen to their new track Wake Me Up below..

After watching pretty much all of their live performances on the festival scene last year I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from this album but I was still blown away when I pressed play and ‘Wake Me Up‘ came blasting out my headphones. It’s amazing how a song about “wanting a relationship to work so badly but deep down knowing it’s it’s not going anywhere” could possibly so upbeat and positive and it’s an amazing start to their debut album from the last song for the album they wrote. ‘Glue‘ and ‘Swim‘ are packed with catchy hooks and summery, sugary guitar riffs, but ‘Bite‘ takes on more of bass and synth reliance which is not, for me, what this band do best.

“‘Say No More‘ is a return to the amazing stand vocals of Natassja Shiner and twinkly guitar, ‘Heartbroken‘ felt a bit empty and bland compared to the rest of the album and ‘In My Head‘ was far more early Bon Iver and James Vincent McMorrow than the jangly pop the rest of the album is filled with.

This is an absolutely amazing debut album and it makes me feel so amazing I can’t stop listening to it now. 4.5/5

Let me know your thoughts, are you a fan or not? Have you ever heard them before? I want to know any of your thoughts or recommendations.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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