New Music Friday – Adelle Nqeto

Hi guys!

Today is once again Friday which means it’s time to shine the spotlight on another new artist! Today I have chosen Adelle Nqeto, an up and coming South African musician.

To listen to her single ‘Along the Way’ click below…

Adelle Nqeto performing ‘Along the Way’ live

Adelle Nqeto is a South African who founded duo Flint, Meet Spark in 2012. With musical partner Josh Pretorious she found success, playing multiple festivals throughout South Africa and building up a catalogue of singles. In 2015 Adelle took the brave decision to strike out on a solo career!

In 2016 she released her debut single, ‘Make Something Beautiful’, following this with EP ‘Lights’ in 2017.

In my opinion Adelle Nqeto is one the most underrated and unknown artists I know of! With her beautiful and unique tone mixed with acoustic music she is an exquisite artist who i believe has a bright future ahead!

Let me know what you think of today’s artist in the comments section or contact me via my contact page.

Guitar Girl signing off xxx

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