Noah Kahan ‘Busyhead’ Review

Track Listing

  1. False Confidence
  2. Mess
  3. Hurt Somebody (f.t. Julia Michaels)
  4. Young Blood
  5. Busyhead
  6. Cynic
  7. Save Me
  8. Sink
  9. Tidal
  10. Carlos’ Song

As an avid fan of Noah Kahan I have been waiting for this album with baited breath! I cannot explain how much I love this album and how it goes above beyond what I ever hoped for. To listen follow the link below…

Listen to ‘Busyhead’ on Spotify

Noah Kahan said he ‘wanted to paint an honest picture of myself and my journey’, he wanted to give fans and listeners ‘into my brain and hope that you all would feel a little more at home in your heads’. As a sufferer of severe anxiety and depression I love the fact Noah Kahan wants to tell us all honestly how it feels to suffer but allow us to feel at home and safe.

The one thing about this album that really sets it apart from others of 2019 is the way Kahan lets his beautiful voice really shine making the songs even more raw and emotive.

Busyhead tells of how lonely and isolating anxiety can feel, ‘all alone in your busyhead’, Cynic voices perfectly how it feels to be in denial of your depression and the way depression closes your mind. Using simple guitar and moments of acapella the emotion and fear comes through in Kahan’s vocals, the lyrics are a perfectly crafted story of how depressio hurts and the media taking advantage of mental illness, ‘would it make me famous if I breakdown’.

The beautiful guitar of Tidal combined with piano make a brilliant track that you can’t help but smile at. Kahan has done a ‘Bastille’, setting serious and saddening lyrics to happy backing tracks, and done it perfectly with the lyrics telling a contrasting story of never feeling you belong, ‘I get this feeling I was breathing someone else’s air’.

This album also features 5 singles, songs fans will already know and love, False Confidence, Mess, Hurt Somebody (f.t. Julia Michaels), Young Blood and Sink. These songs also fit the albums consistent theme of hurt, honesty and escapism.

I think considering the themes of the album, hurt, honesty and escapism, this album provides a perfect escape from your ‘busyhead’. Although the songs deal with serious matters, such as depression, anxiety and grief, it never does so in a maudlin way just a matter-of-fact explanation of emotion.


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Are you fan? Is Noah Kahan new to your ears? Did I get anything wrong? Let me know, I want to hear it all 🙂

Guitar Girl signing off xxx

3 thoughts on “Noah Kahan ‘Busyhead’ Review

  1. Carla Forward

    Completely agree! Amazing voice and if you suffer he doesn’t drag you down further, he lifts you up. X


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