Bastille ‘Doom Days’ Review

Track Listing

  1. Quarter Past Midnight
  2. Bad Decisions
  3. The Waves
  4. Divide
  5. Million Pieces
  6. Doom Days
  7. Nocturnal Creatures
  8. 4AM
  9. Another Place
  10. Those Nights
  11. Joy

When Bastille released Quarter Past Midnight in May 2018 everyone knew a good album would be following soon after. However a year on there was still no album but more brill singles dropping people assumed that it was just a lone single, forever destined to ride the airwaves alone. Then in June 2019 came ‘Doom Days’!

To listen to ‘Doom Days’ click below…

Listen to ‘Doom Days’ on Spotify

‘Doom Days’ is, to put it simply, Bastille at their best! Now don’t get me wrong I love both ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Wild World’ but I feel that ‘Doom Days’ is an example of why we all love Bastille, a mix of what they do best on both former albums. Doom Days a bleak and satirical song followed by the upbeat Nocturnal Creatures.

The order of the tracks is an interesting but logical one (wait and I’ll explain what I mean…). A dark and ‘gloomy’ track is followed by an upbeat and smile-inducing track, the logic in this is that the album will never be too gloomy or nauseatingly jolly striking a perfect balance creating a perfect album atmosphere!

Bastille have created an album which beautifully creates the sense we all experience in these turbulent times, particularly politically (you know who you are!), with Doom Days serving as a perfect harbinger of doom (see what i did there) ‘think I’m addicted to my phone/my scrolling horror show’ taking a light and satirical take on the worst the world has served.

Divide tackles the issues we have all created by dividing rather than uniting, Bad Decisions speaks to us all, talking about ‘the stupid s*** we do’ and ‘the big, collective decisions we seem to be making’, and Joy is a song about the lacking optimism the world is suffering from but the fact there will always be one person to set your head straight.

Bastille have stuck to their electro-pop roots with perfect back-beats accompanying every track and a few ’90’s rave tracks’. Bastille have made use of musical friends with their friend Rippito (a saxophonist) featuring on 4AM and Those Nights, Kianja ‘wandering in and out’ on The Waves and gospel singer Rim also featuring on The Wave.

This album is a perfect balance between light and dark summing the anxieties and fears we face in 2019. Despite the tracks I chosen have to focus on the whole album is not full of doom and gloom. Click the link below to read Dan Smith discussing the meaning of each track with Billboard.


Let me know your thoughts about ‘Doom Days’ and my review below. Did you love or hate it? Do you agree with my review? I want to hear it all 🙂

Guitar Girl signing off xxx

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