New Music Friday – Elmore

Hi guys,

Is it Friday(Saturday now but…)already?!? I can’t belive it’s time to put, the spotlight on another underrated artist!

This week I have chosen to focus on new artist Elmore. To check out his single ‘I’m Still Here’ click below…

This single, ‘I’m Still Here’, is a song written about anxiety and depression something Elmore is open about his struggles with.

As you’ll know I love to give a bio on artists but Elmore is a mystery wrapped in an enigma! I know he’s Irish but beyond that, not a lot…

Elmore is a 25 year old Irish singer-songwriter who began to play guitar aged 13. At the age of 16 he began to write songs and not long after moved to Manchester in efforts to further his career. Elmore describes feeling homesick for Wexford and his family so after 3 years, some of which was spent touring Europe, Elmore moved back to Ireland and was offered a record deal by Savee.

I’m sorry I can’t really offer a bigger bio but is you have any information that help me fill in the blanks please contact me here.

Let me know your thoughts on today’s post, did you like it? Comment down below with your thoughts!

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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