The Best Albums of 2019 (Jan-June)

Hi guys

I wanted to do a post with my top 10 albums of 2019 so far. The list will run in ascending order (10-1).

Disclaimer: This list is based purely on opinion, not facts. Anything written here is not reflective of the opinions of other individuals or organisation. I have received no form of payment from any of the mentioned artists or their labels.

#10 Tom Walker – What A Time To Be Alive

Image result for what a time to be alive tom walker

So… I am a big fan of Tom Walker and his music but this album was more pop orientated than I was expecting. After I found Fly Away With Me I fell in love with his vocals and tone. I loved the music he chose to sit his voice, a sign that he knew how sounded best. Then came Leave A Light On and this got massive airplay and went to No.1 but it was overplayed and I believe Tom played on this success and moulded an album around pop bangers lacking emotion and rawness that was evident in Fly Away With Me.

#9 Catfish and The Bottlemen – The Balance

Image result for the balance

I was so pleased when Catfish and The Bottlemen announced their third album and launched it with Longshot . However I felt slightly let down when I listened to it… It had a feel of having a working formula and running with it. At some points it felt like listening to their first two albums. I love Catfish and I admire their guts for sticking to their guns but maybe it’s time or a change?

#8 Lewis Capaldi – Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent

Lewis Capaldi has shot to fame with Someone You Loved after being featured in my New Music Friday segment. I am so pleased that Lewis is finally getting much deserved recognition but… This album felt like the same song 12 times! Sometimes it was hard to know when one song had ended and another had begun. But I would like to point out that this is clearly working for him judging by the reaction to his live performances.

#7 Leon – Leon

Image result for leon album cover

This album is absolutely cracking from Swedish artist Leon! She first cam on my radar with a track called Think About You which I fell in love with first listen. This is an album filled with great ballads and pop tunes, this is an album that makes me happy to listen to. The only reason it didn’t make higher on the list was that there are albums I’ve loved that have just a bit more body to ; I mean the content feels more loaded and complex. This is album is slightly one-dimensional with the tracks sometimes lacking emotion and charge.

#6 Bastille – Doom Days

Image result for doom days

So if you saw my review of Doom Days you’ll know I love this album. and you’re probably wondering why I haven’t put them in the top 5. The reasons are as follows: this album, though amazing, is a bit meh. I love the passion flowing in the songs and the rapid feeling reflecting the world now, but it’s not enough to make up for some mistakes. The album has a few songs which are forgettable and indistinguishable from one another, as well as all carrying the same message ‘we all need someone when things are hard’.

#5 Hozier – Wasteland, Baby!

Image result for wasteland baby

Hozier is back!!!!! I absolutely adore this album and how invested Hozier is in it. This is a slight change of tone and pace from Hozier but still great. This album is filled with songs of sentiment and passion all with messages that are, perhaps, hidden. Nina Cried Power, a strong track with a strong message ‘the power of protest and standing up’ and when has anyone ever used the word diatribes in a song?

#4 Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life

I have loved Maggie Rogers for a long time and was not let down by her album. The album is Maggie Rogers through and through, with raw, vulnerability running through each of the songs. The issue is that listening lacks the energy that Maggie brings to a live performance, t see what I mean check out her Glastonbury performance of Light On. However, this doesn’t mean I am not in love with this album it just sounds 10 times better when she plays live.

#3 Noah Kahan – Busyhead

To find out my opinions on Busyhead check out my review here.

#2 Lucy Spraggan – Today Was A Good Day

I am a massive fan of Lucy Spraggan, she is such a talented song-writer with an ability to spin everyday phrases and scenarios into then most amazing songs. Take Dinner’s Ready, a song crafted form that everyday phrase ‘come in, your dinners ready’; a song which beautifully tells the tale of being a teenager and your mum’s support. I cannot tell you how happy that Lucy is back to tell more heartbreaking and inspiring tales with her music.

#1 Jade Bird – Jade Bird

Image result for jade bird album cover

Now to number one… Some of you may remember when Jade Bird was featured in New Music Friday, well now she has an album and it is SO GOOD!!!! This is an album I have had on repeat since its release in April. The extraordinary ability Jade Bird has to have written every single track on the album and give them each a different feel. The album is filled with so many standout tracks the best way to experience the amazing talent of Jade Bird is to listen to it yourself 🙂

I hope you like my Top 10 list, let me know your Top 10 albums for the first six months of the year! Comment down below with your thoughts and your Top 10.

Guitar Girl signing off xx

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