This blog is a place to discover new music and read reviews. I’ll share new artists and songs with you all, and maybe one day you’ll have some recommendations for me! I have written LOT of songs in under a year, and just love music. I have no qualifications except a good ear and passion. If you’re passionate about music then this is the place for you. On the Music page there are all the videos used in this blog so you can watch any you loved as well as maybe finding some new ones!

I suffer from CFS/M.E and severe anxiety so sometimes that means I’m unable to blog. For those of you who don’t know what CFS/M.E is firstly you need to know it stand for chronic fatigue syndrome; now before you even start no I do not feel tired the same way you do, it does not matter how much I sleep I am always tired in some form. I suppose the easiest way to explain it is the battery comparison; having CFS means my energy levels (or battery) are always running on half empty (before I even do anything) and any activity drains a little bit more (some more than others) and sleep does not recharge my battery however for a normal non-CFS sufferer sleep helps recharge your battery, this is the equivalent of my battery being a cheap own brand and non-sufferers having Duracell.

I also suffer other symptoms that can greatly affect my life, one of these is ‘brain fog’. ‘Brain fog’ is basically that moment when you forget what your doing or lose your train of thought mid-sentence, except I have this problem every day which is why I sometimes apologise for the fact my post might not make sense. I hope that some of this has made the affects of CFS/M.E clearer for you.

My anxiety can also affect my blogging, I suffer severe social anxiety disorder, amongst others, which makes it hard for me to put myself out there so some days I just can’t face it. My anxiety makes me overthink and analyse anything I say or do so sometimes putting a post online can be incredibly hard as I just think about what I’ve done wrong.

I hope that all this has made it a bit clearer why sometimes I don’t blog, and what my blog is all about.

Guitar Girl signing off xx